GENERAL CONDITIONS that will govern the contract of rent of accommodation of season between you and the property, with the intermediation of APARTAMENTOSLOS HUERT0S (MARÍA MEDINA MARTÍNEZ 02546559-E).

1. Conditions of payment and contract. The following conditions enter into force at the time of booking of accommodation

You may make your reservation by Internet or by phone. You will receive a confirmation in writing of the same in the shortest time possible. Within 5 days from the confirmation, you must pay a payment of 50% of the total amount of the reservation. To make the first payment the client/tenant declares at the same time  has read and understood the General conditions of apartments LOS ORCHARDS and accepts them.

The remaining balance (50%) must be paid at the entrance to the accommodation.

Payment may be by bank transfer or credit card. APARTAMENTOS LOS HUERTOS reserves the right to cancel the booking, 5 days from the confirmation has not been received the above-mentioned payment of 50%. In cases in which made a reservation when less than 5 days to the start of stay reserved, the payment should occur by the total amount immediately.

APARTMENTOS LOS HUERTOS reserves the right to cancel the reservation without notice if the total amount of the reservation has not been received in the dates. In this case the client/tenant may not claim or demand the fulfillment of the reserve or the reimbursement of sums already paid.

You will receive the bonus for your holiday once paid amount. The bonus is the document that confirms the total payment of stay, meets the requirements of the Bill, and must be submitted to the person in charge for the delivery of keys.

2 Features and prices

The published prices of accommodation are always final prices, will be separate supplements such as towels,EXTRA bed etc.

The general information provided for each locality (means of transport, business, restaurants, sports facilities, etc.) and each accommodation (facilities, bedding etc.) are updated annually. APARTAMENTOS LOS HUERTOS is not responsible of possible changes that might arise later, nor of their perfect correspondence with reality.

3 Changes of prices and benefits

Although the descriptions of the accommodation has been carefully prepared and the prices published on the website of APARTAMENTOS LOS HUERTOS, can in some cases subjected to modification which will be communicated at the time of booking. It could be the case that these changes occur after the confirmation of the reservation and affecting essential points of the contract. In this case you may terminate the contract, without charge, within 7 days of such communication, being refunded the payment made.

4 Inputs and outputs

Time of arrival mandatory will be between 18 and 22 hours, and the departure before 12 noon morning. If you can not adhere to this schedule should contact APARTAMENTOSLOS HUERTOS  to arrange the time.


If it cannot consider the accommodation during the day of arrival or in the schedule of delivery of keys for any difficulty during the trip or for personal reasons, as well as if you shorten your stay, apartments LOS ORCHARDS will not make any refund. If you wish to prolong your stay so you must request your booking office as soon as possible.

5. Cancellation of the contract by the customer

The customer has the right to cancel the booking and pay the following expenses:

• From the moment of making the reservation up to 30 days before the date of entry: 10% of the total amount of the deposit

• Between 30 and 7 days before the arrival date: 50% of the total amount of the deposit

• 7 days or less before the arrival date: 100% of the total amount of the deposit

A cancellation is effected at the time that APARTAMENTOS LOS HUERTOS has received the cancellation in writing.

Cancellation guarantee:

Apartments Los gardens recommends the client to hire a guarantee of cancellation that covers the expenses of cancellation of the stay in the holiday house.

6 Alternative or cancellation of the contract by the gardens apartments

In cases of force greater or impossibility to occurrence of the property for the client, the gardens apartments accommodation will be offered to choose (when possible) between replace accommodation by another of similar characteristics, either cancel the contract APARTAMENTO LOS HUERTOS reimbursed the total amount given by the client.

7. Obligations of the client

The occupation of the accommodation shall be limited to the number of persons indicated in the contract, counting children and babies also like people for the purpose of the occupation. The owner or administrator of keys may prevent the entrance to the accommodation in case of exceeding the allowed number.


Bail administrator keys, according to the indication in the file of each accommodation and the bonus must be paid upon arrival at the accommodation.

Payment may be in cash or by credit card

In the case of credit card customer guarantees the payment of the deposit with a credit card by signing the form "Deposit by credit card" (at the end you can see the form) at the time of the delivery of keys. There will be a charge to the card only in case that it is necessary to cover damage and damage caused by the tenant or his fellow travelers during the stay or to cover expenses not previously paid in accordance with the web page and the current General conditions of reservation of apartments LOS ORCHARDS. Any charge to the card will be made later as 2 weeks after the date of departure of the tenant. Not pay such deposit keys Manager reserves the right to prohibit entry to the accommodation, and may give rise to the termination of the contract with loss of quantities delivered.

The deposit depends on the accommodation and is an amount that fluctuates between los100 and 200 euros per stay, without prejudice to its specific determination. If the tenant caused damage in the housing by one value greater than the paid deposit should pay the difference without delay upon receipt of the total amount of damage in writing of the gardens apartments.

Tenant/client has an obligation to leave the accommodation in a collected and presentable state. This includes (represent, not restrictively) dishes must be clean and placed in its place, the refrigerator without any rest of food and garbage must be emptied.

The tenant should respect to the neighbors and the standards of the community of property owners to which belongs the accommodation. In the event of negligence or inappropriate behavior apartments LOS ORCHARDS and the owner reserves the right to cancel the contract with immediate effect and without prior notice. In this case the gardens apartments won´t have an obligation to return the amount of rent to be paid by the customer.

8 Claims

There are sheets of claims available to the clients.

9. Responsibilitiesattributableto APARTAMENTOS LOS HUERTOS

If the reserved accommodation presents unforeseen serious shortcomings and deficiencies that prevent its normal use, APARTAMENTOS LOS HUERTOS is committed to seek an alternative solution of similar characteristics and price. If this was unworkable due to lack of available accommodation either because you rejected all the proposals offered, will be refunded all or part of the amount of the reserve - according to the time which has enjoyed the accommodation-without is no attributed to APARTAMENTOS LOS HUERTOSany additional responsibility .

Apartments Los orchards do not  assume any responsibility in the following cases:

1 Negligence or omission of services to third parties.

2 Failures or malfunction of swimming pools, playgrounds for children and sports facilities of any kind being the use of these strictly under the responsibility of the user.

3 Steals in the accommodation.

4 Damage to people or things from causes of force majeure or unforeseen setbacks that APARTAMENTOS LOS HUERTOS or their representatives (keys administrators) can respond.

APARTAMENTOS LOS HUERTOS responsibility, therefore, is limited to its intermediary function, in accordance with the scope that this has and is actually developed by LOS gardens apartments, assuming personally any of the responsibilities, according to law, to the property in the rental of accommodation of season.

In any case, the "client" accepts the economic responsibility of APARTAMENTOS LOS HUERTOS  for any moral damage that could occur as a result of his brokerage, will be limited to the total amount paid or rental.

10. Validity and jurisdiction

The conditions shall enter into force at the time of booking of accommodation General above indicated that will govern the contract of rent of accommodation of existing season between you and the property. APARTMENTOS LOS HUERTOS acts as an intermediary between the tenant and the owner of the accommodation and is responsible for the correct implementation of mediation, which is carried out according to the laws in force.

The present general conditions and the contract between you and the property shall be governed, construed and will be implemented according to the Spanish law subjecting the courts of Boltaña (Huesca).